Shelf Life Expired: iPhone 3GS

So, normally on Prototyping Corner I feature electronic and software builds and tutorials. Well today I thought I’d share a little experience with an old Apple 3GS iPhone.


Once upon a time, in the early beginnings I used the iPhone 3GS. It was the first real smart phone I had used. I used it, and it worked just fine (for the record this was before my realization of how horrible apple devices really are – Yes I’m an Android person). I used it for a few years then Samsung came along and I’ve been with them ever since.

I kept the old 3GS with some other old phones (Such as the Samsung GS2 and the GS2 Note) in the thought that one day I would use it in one of my projects (that day is coming soon, stay tuned).



Then today while I was sorting out my boxes of bits and pieces I realized the 3GS’s screen had partially popped out of its body. Intrigued, I proceed to remove the screen to see the cause.

Turns out that 4.51 Whr Li-ion battery has reached the end of its life. So I guess by the fact that they tried to cover up recyclable symbol that they had some last minute design changes?

Lessons Learnt

Nether the less, batteries do reach their end of life and for this one it lasted around 7 years. So it might be a good idea to go though your parts bin and take a look for any devices that have batteries in them. For the old Samsung phones I have, I keep the batteries in a separate location in case anything go wrong.

Thanks for reading. If you have any similar experiences leave a comment below.
P.S. A new website design and more frequent articles are coming. Stay Tuned!

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